iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Repair


Is your iPhone 6 Plus affected by ‘Touch Disease’?


Back in November (2016) Apple acknowledged an issue with the display on iPhone 6 Plus handsets.


The design flaw, commonly known as ‘Touch Disease’, led to users suffering from unresponsive displays and ‘bricking’. The phone becomes virtually unusable and resembles a beautiful, expensive brick (See our blog here on iPhone unbricking).


Admitting the problem existed in devices that had been, “dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device,” Apple put into place their “Multi-Touch Repair Programme for iPhone 6 Plus”.Identifying repeated physical impacts and stress / pressure on the handset from it being squeezed into pockets or popped into handbags as the cause of the malfunction, Apple’s repair programme was most welcome.


However, its price left many users needing repairs cold.


American customers face a bill of $149 for an Official Apple Repair, while UK based devotees pay an eye watering £149.


A report in The Guardian quoted third party iPhone repair resource iFixit. Their spokesperson openly wondered whether it was only handsets that had been dropped that were affected with Touch Disease given the volume of smartphones that needed a repair.


The swell of doubt surrounding Apple grew as customers queried why they were being charged handsomely for what was potentially an issue for which the manufacturer should take responsibility.


Apple, however, refused to comment further, directing affected users to the Repair Programme.


The good news is that should your device be affected, Touch Disease repair is possible without going to Apple. At Mobile Solutions we’re far more than just a cracked phone screen repair business. If your phone is failing due to touch disease we can fix it on site while you wait.


As well as providing a iPhone screen replacement service we also stock a full range of protective cases for smartphones of all brands.


Our skilled engineers in our shops in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Cambridge will work on your product while you wait. We’ll never send your device away and in most cases you’ll have your phone back in under one hour.


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