iPhone X Screen Replacements

            iPhone X Broken Screen Replacement


Mobile Solutions have managed to source a high copy OLED iPhone X screen. This job costs £200 fitted which takes one hour. We operate on a walk in service and will offer a 3 month warrant with this screen. Call our stores to check for availabilty.


Apple charges £282.44 (price is current as of the 23/12/18)


Mobile Solutions charges £200 (using a high copy OLED)

Macbooks and Laptop Screen Replacements Coming Soon To Mobile Solutions

Macbooks and Laptop Screen Replacements Coming Soon To Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions will be doing screen replacements on Macbooks and Laptops in the coming weeks, should you need any information please call the Norwich or Cambridge Store on 01603 620061 or 01223 300200.


We are just in the end stages of securing a new supplier for most Macbook and Laptop parts, once that has been finalised we will be ready to take on the repairs of these broken devices for you!!


Watch this space.

iPhone 6 Screen Repairs

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Repair


Is your iPhone 6 Plus affected by ‘Touch Disease’?


Back in November (2016) Apple acknowledged an issue with the display on iPhone 6 Plus handsets.


The design flaw, commonly known as ‘Touch Disease’, led to users suffering from unresponsive displays and ‘bricking’. The phone becomes virtually unusable and resembles a beautiful, expensive brick (See our blog here on iPhone unbricking).


Admitting the problem existed in devices that had been, “dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device,” Apple put into place their “Multi-Touch Repair Programme for iPhone 6 Plus”.Identifying repeated physical impacts and stress / pressure on the handset from it being squeezed into pockets or popped into handbags as the cause of the malfunction, Apple’s repair programme was most welcome.


However, its price left many users needing repairs cold.


American customers face a bill of $149 for an Official Apple Repair, while UK based devotees pay an eye watering £149.


A report in The Guardian quoted third party iPhone repair resource iFixit. Their spokesperson openly wondered whether it was only handsets that had been dropped that were affected with Touch Disease given the volume of smartphones that needed a repair.


The swell of doubt surrounding Apple grew as customers queried why they were being charged handsomely for what was potentially an issue for which the manufacturer should take responsibility.


Apple, however, refused to comment further, directing affected users to the Repair Programme.


The good news is that should your device be affected, Touch Disease repair is possible without going to Apple. At Mobile Solutions we’re far more than just a cracked phone screen repair business. If your phone is failing due to touch disease we can fix it on site while you wait.


As well as providing a iPhone screen replacement service we also stock a full range of protective cases for smartphones of all brands.


Our skilled engineers in our shops in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Cambridge will work on your product while you wait. We’ll never send your device away and in most cases you’ll have your phone back in under one hour.


Call Our Cambridge Store on 01223 300 200

Call Our Gt Yarmouth Store on 01493 331 115

Call Our Norwich Store on 01603 620 061

iPhone Repair Cambridge

How To Fix A “Bricked” iPhone

We’re so tied to our iPhones. They’re often our pride and joy. The first thing you grab when you wake up and the last thing you look at before you go to sleep.
What happens if it stops working? You may have a “Bricked” iPhone.
In its truest sense having a bricked smartphone actually means your device is useless, irretrievable, damaged and beyond repair.  The beating heart of your universe is now nothing more than a beautiful space age brick.
Happily the latest iPhones have a good deal of resilience built into them. It’s almost impossible to permanently “brick” an iOS device.
There are a few reasons you might have an unresponsive iPhone.
  • A corrupted / interrupted iOS update.
  • An attempt to ‘Jailbreak’ your device.
  • Old age (of the handset, not the user).
  • Continually dropping your phone.
All of the above reasons are fairly common occurrences in the day to day life of a handset. Apple has even admitted that regular bombs and drops  were the cause of the infamous Touch Disease issue on the iPhone 6 Plus which led to corrupted software and eventual ‘Bricking’. (See our Blog on that topic here).
For Touch Disease repair, or for cracked or broken screen repair done in-store in under an hour call  Mobile Solutions on 01223 300 200, or visit your local branch in Cambridge, Norwich or Great Yarmouth.

To restore your ‘Bricked’ iPhone simply follow the following easy steps:

Hard Reset: 
Hold down the Lock/Off button (on the top or side of your device depending which iPhone you use) and Home button together for 15 seconds – on an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus you need to hold the Volume Down and Home button. You can let go when the Apple logo appears on screen.
Use iTunes To Restore Your Phone:
If your iPhone reboots successfully from the hard reset, happy days! If not, it may show the ‘Connect to iTunes’ logo. This means the handset is in ‘recovery mode’. Plug your phone into your Mac or PC, open iTunes and find your device. From there click ‘Restore’ in the top right of the screen. This will restore your phone to factory settings.
Note: You WILL lose your data with this process. Make sure you backup your phone regularly so you can retrieve your information from iCloud once your phone is restored.


The above steps will solve the majority of iPhone problems, but if your phone still shows an error message you can bring it into Mobile Solutions. We repair iOS and Android devices.
Whether you have a phone with Touch Disease, a cracked screen or one that wont turn on our experienced, trained engineers can fix most issues in store while you wait.
Call us today on 01223 300 200 or visit one of our branches in Cambridge, Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

Official iPhone Screens At Mobile Solutions Cambridge

Apple’s Ever Changing iPhone Screens


Each September Apple launches their latest iPhone to much pomp and ceremony. Almost as soon as the gleaming new device is in the hands of reviewers and customers, talk of the next upcoming redesign of one of the most popular items in the world begins.


This year has been no different. Ever since Apple released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September 2016, internet grapevines have been awash with gossip as to what features will be on the device expected to be called iPhone 7s.


One of the more confident reports circulating takes this one step further and speculates as to the follow up of the follow up!


Techradar reported last month that Apple may have just signed a deal with Samsung Display to buy OLED panels for the iPhone 9, which will be released in 2018.


It’s been long suggested that Apple will release an iPhone 8 alongside the 7S and 7S Plus later this year with the latter a premium level handset featuring an OLED screen. Industry analysts anticipate that the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will stick with LCD displays that have been used on previous iPhone handsets. But the latest leak reveals that from 2018 all versions of the iPhone will be made with OLED screens.


Whatever the new and improved iPhones are called and whichever screens they’re made with, Mobile Solutions will continue to bring you the best quality repairs, service and accessories. If you have a cracked iPhone screen our experience, trained engineers will fix your phone quickly. And we can now offer you a choice between a standard or original Apple screen replacement.


Our newest store in Cambridge is open for mobile phone screen repair and phone accessories. We’ll never send your phone away and in most cases we can fix your screen in under an hour. 

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