Here at Mobile Solutions we aim to offer our customers the best quality lcds (liquid crystal display) we can get, and one of the best quality are our in-house refurbished lcds.

We take an original cracked lcd, test it to make sure the digitizer, touch sensor and lcd are working properly, once and then we need to remove the broken glass from the lcd/digitiser using our state of the art automatic glass stripping machine.
Once we have removed the glass, the next step is to remove the polariser from the lcd/digitiser and clean the original lcd down ready for the new polariser to be put on the lcd/digitiser.

The next step is It then needs to be put into a mould to line up the lcd/digitiser with the new glass and frame.
We then have to put it through the lcd lamination process which will bind the two together. Once this process is done it’s time for the new lcd to be put into a debubbling machine to get out any last air bubbles that may still be in there.
This is the final part of this process so we can give you an lcd that is 90% original parts, which are better than any copy lcd on the market.


Mobile Solutions are one of the few mobile repair retail companies that can complete this process.

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