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The iPhone by Apple Inc. was first released in 2007 with a whopping one million devices sold in the first 3 months alone. Now into its 12th year, the iPhone dominates a huge share of the global market.


iPhones can be expensive to purchase out-right, especially the newest models, but the vast range of deals available on contract means anybody can experience what an iPhone has to offer, regardless of budget.


The iPhone series


iPhone Screen Repairs

Since the launch of the very first iPhone in January 2007, the device has undergone many technological advances and upgrades. In fact, the iPhone just keeps getting better and better! It must be said that Apple is a leader in technology and when a new model is released, the improvements are impressive.


Many of the earlier models have been discontinued, but can be purchased second-hand at a fraction of the original cost.


Sell your iPhone to Mobile Solutions in Norwich


Many people upgrade their mobile contract every 12-24 months and each time, benefit from a brand new device. As a result, some individuals have the full series of iPhones at home, but an unused mobile is of little use to the average person because, let’s face it, you only need one spare phone “just in case” the worst should happen.


If you have a collection of iPhones gathering dust in a drawer, we would urge you to consider selling. The iPhone is hugely popular with people of all ages and demand is high. Selling your iPhone is a quick way to make some cash to put towards something else.


As one of the leading mobile phone shops in Norwich, we would like to purchase your unwanted iPhone. We will consider any model and dependent upon condition, can offer you an exceptional price. If you have obtained a quote from one of our competitors such as Mazuma or Magpie, drop us an email with a photograph of your device and allow us to give you our best price. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


To sell your Phone to your local mobile phone shop, give the team a call on 01603 620061.

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