About us

We at Mobile Solutions are the leading mobile phone repairers in the East Anglian region. We have on-site engineers who have over 10 years experience in the repairs of all mobile phones. We can carry out most basic repairs on-site from broken LCD's, broken Touch Screens, Charging faults, Speaker Faults, Software Faults, No Power faults and No Network Faults. We can also offer high level component replacement repairs like the treatment of LIQUID DAMAGE and PHYSICAL DAMAGE. We are constantly updating our UN-LOCKING EQUIPMENT so we are equipped at UN-locking the latest mobile phones on the market.

Free quotes and a NO FIX, NO FEE policy is how we at Mobile Solutions go about our business.

Water/Liquid Damage Repairs

We can repair Water/Liquid Damage phones with a 60/70% success rate.

* It costs £10 to attempt the repair (non refundable)
* If successful another £15 will be charged
* If any parts are required we will inform the customer that an extra charge will be applied before fitting them

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